Tai Chi pointers for beginners

The good news is that you don’t have to be fit – as long as you can stand up unaided you can do Tai Chi.
At the Hine Institute we teach Tai Chi as a health Form, which is slow, gentle and relaxing.  It is a low impact exercise, which means there is no jumping or running around so the impact on your joints is minimised.
Tai Chi is also meditation in movement, and a whole new way of perceiving yourself and everything around you. Tai Chi is practiced by millions of people who consider it to be an integral part of their everyday lives. We also still teach the self-defence in separate classes for those of you who want to build up stamina, get in condition and learn to defend yourself.
Beginning Tai Chi Exercise:
Beginners at all Hine Tai Chi classes are encouraged to try Tai Chi for ten weeks before becoming a member.
This is so that you can make sure that Tai Chi right for you.
In the 10 weeks you will complete the Tai Chi Short Form or 24 Step Routine.  This will give you a strong foundation and assist you on the road to a Calm Mind and improve your wellbeing .
We recommend doing at least 20 minutes a day. to get the best and fastest results. This will also make the moves easier for you to remember and pick up the new moves taught each week too.
You can check our regularly updated complete list of class areas, start dates, days, times and maps for yourself by clicking here.
PLEASE NOTE occasionally class dates have to be changed at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control. All changes are posted on the individual class page as we may not have time to contact all individuals concerned. You are advised to double check the date before attending the venue to avoid disappointment please.
  • CLOTHING:           
Loose fitting clothing, e.g. track suits, leggings, “T” shirts, sweatshirts, trainers, soft shoes or bare feet.
  • ARRIVAL:             
At least 15 minutes before the start of the new course in order to enroll.  If you wear reading glasses, please bring them with you on the first night to fill in your form.
  • DURATION:                     
Each class lasts for 1 hour 
  • PAYMENT:           
By cash please, when you begin your course. 
Once you have completed the foundation training in 24 Step and Qigong (energy building) you can progress to the Traditional Long Form Tai Chi and more advanced Qigong.
A standard book and DVD have been produced by Master Hine to accompany the course, which you will find essential to your training.  These are available through your instructor at £8.00 and £21 respectively.  The price is now only £8.00
If you have any further enquiries then please do not hesitate to pop along to the class to speak to the instructor or send us an e-mail by replying to this one. This will help us to keep track of your enquiry and to help you more efficiently. Our instructors are quite used to students popping along for a chat, or to watch a class, and you will be made most welcome.