Xsing Yi / Hsing Yi

What is Xing Yi?

Xingyi is oldest of the three internal arts, the others are Tai Chi and Baguazhang. It is in fact some 900 hundred years old, or so the legend goes.

Yueh FeiIts founder was China’s most famous general by the name of Yueh Fei, who was especially skilled in the use of the lance. General Yueh was a highly skilled Shaolin Kung Fu martial artist, whose family martial art still exists today.

Yueh Fei developed the art to encompass a more flowing regime that harnessed the use of the mind as well as the body. Xingyi means the mind fist or shape and intention.

When performing the exercises you a required to focus the mind, intention and breathing to harness your innate power. This power is called Chi, or vital energy, which when developed gives you not only explosive power but also great good health.

Initially Yueh Fei taught his new art to the officers of the Imperial army, but later on was taken up by the convoy guards who protected the silk and spice caravans.

Quite often these convoys were attacked and needed protection. Xsingyi tends to be performed somewhat faster than Tai Chi and with more vigour, but it can also be practiced slowly and smoothly to build energy and nourish health.

We currently run a weekly class, held in Bromley, Kent and Croydon.

Learn at home?

Master Hine has published a book, DVD and video which follow the form as we teach it in the classes.  These are invaluable to aid your home study and progress in the class.  And we now have CD’s for stress & meditation as well, so why not order one, for details on prices please go to Products

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